Placebo boy

Crohn’s Colitis: Placebo Boy

Placebo Boy

Placebo boy is the nickname my wife gave me when I would research new vitamins, foods, herbs, or meditation that I was taking or doing at the time.  She gave me this name because I helped create the desired effects of whatever I was researching at the time, using my mind.  I would research and gather information so I could duplicate the effects in my body with thought. 

Now what if I told you that is how I healed myself of Crohn’s? I researched healthy intestines and duplicated a set, recreating them in my mind. Then using my mind, I replaced the intestines in my body with the ones I created with my thoughts.

This worked for me and I also want you to understand that even using this approach, you still have to change the actions in your life that are causing you illness in the first place.  You have to live your life in a way that it can support your new intestines (or health) by taking the issues that are causing you illness and removing them from your life or learning to deal with them in a healthy manor.

Quick story about using thought as my placebo:  I was getting a colonoscopy years ago and I was still fine tuning my life.  That day I needed to visit a sick relative after the test so I refused the drugs that they gave you back then.  The doctor did the scope with no drugs and I just meditated during the whole thing.  After the test the doctor looked at me and said, “do you know that you have mid to mild Crohn’s?”  I replied, “yes.”  He questioned me again asking, “and you don’t take any medicine?” I answered, “yes” again.

Before he could speak I told him, “I have one solid bowel movement a day, I eat anything I want, I weigh 245lbs, up from 140lbs, and I feel great.”  He repeated that he could see evidence of Crohn’s. I went on saying, “that means I have a little bit more work to do in meditation and looking at how I deal with stress, and making the right changes in my life.”

He looked at me and walked away like I was a total nut case and went out to talk to my wife. My wife looked at him after he told her what he told me and said, “well I guess he has more meditation to do.”

We both laughed in the car and went on our way.