Pulling the Trigger

Crohn’s Colitis: Pulling the Trigger

Pulling the Trigger

I often talk with my clients about what triggers them.   I have clients who come to me for Body Energy Balancing and talk about when their illness started.  Sometimes they continue on to tell me what they are doing for their illness, maybe how they changed their diet or where they go for certain treatments or that they take this medicine or that herb.  I am all for it. I believe you need to explore every avenue. Hearing about what they have tried also shows me they are willing to work and they are doing their best to find answers.

After they have shared their story with me, I ask them what happened before the illness manifested. I ask them what triggered it.  Then they start to think or they ask me why.  Some tell me that they got sick after they lost their job or their father died or they got a divorce.  I believe Crohn’s or Colitis starts with a trigger, something to get it going.  Actually, I believe all illness has a trigger and we just need to look back to see what it is. Even in our day to day lives there might be triggers that could make us sick. We have to take a look.

What if you noticed that every year at a certain time of year you have a flare up and you asked yourself what the trigger was?  You could say it is the weather change or it is year end and all your projects are due, or it is holiday time.  These are all triggers! These could set you up to have a flare-up. 

So think about what I am talking about for a second and ask yourself what your trigger could be.  What sets you off? Watch your day to day triggers. Also go back to when you first got sick. What was going on in your life? Be truthful with yourself. It could be the key to healing your illness!