Put on Notice

Crohn’s Colitis: Put on Notice

Put on Notice

I had an interesting thing happen to me.  A stranger read my book and wrote a wonderful review.  Nevertheless, in a gentle way she put me on notice.  She basically said to me if you are going to talk the talk you should also be walking the walk. In two sentences she showed that she had seen something in me that needed to be addressed, allowing me to explore another layer of thought of my being. 

She wrote: “My favorite parts are the reminders to believe in yourself, knowing that you have the answers inside. Since you have learned to trust yourself, you shouldn’t even rely too much on others to say what they think of your book.”

My back story is this:  When I graduated high school, I could barely write.  I was un-diagnosed but had dyslexia.  I thought I was stupid and people around me helped me make that thought true.  I know those are harsh words but that is what I feel.

Thinking back to when I was a kid I remember I was always frustrated because things in school just didn’t come easy.  Eventually I gave up and stopped trying.  I believe in my heart that the learning disability was a big factor which caused my Crohn’s Colitis.

Well, back to my main thought.  The act of meditation has a way of peeling away the layers of thought so you can see the true problem.  Those two simple sentences from a reader let me see the frustrated little boy who needed the approval, saying “look at what I have done.”  I have heard others close to me tell me the same things, but it was hard to hear because for so long I had also had people who were friends and family supporting the thought that I was stupid. I have learned they were wrong.  It is not that I don’t trust the people in my life however, in the back of my mind I sometimes wonder if they are just saying nice things because they are my friends. So, when a perfect stranger tells you that you did well then there is no doubt, at least for me. 

Am I insecure?  I guess I am.  Like everyone in the world my life is a work in progress.  At one point in time I could not write either.

The power of your mind is limitless. Believe that thought! 


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I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.  http://goo.gl/gvjvO