Reading Between the Lines

Crohn’s Colitis: Reading Between the Lines

Reading Between the Lines

I was visiting with a close relative today, all of a sudden she looked at me and said “been reading your blog, you all right?” I said, “why are you asking me that?”  She said, “you know I can read between the lines.”  I sat back and said, “I am not perfect I too have problems.”  She said right back, “answer the question are you all right?” I answered with the word yes.

I also explained to her that to talk, write, and teach about meditation includes explaining that meditation does not take away problems.  Meditation is a tool to see the answers more clearly.  Meditation is a tool to help see clearly what you can change in your life to make it better, and the other part is doing the work to make it happen. 

She sat there for a second and said “it just sounded in some of your posts that you are struggling.”  I reassured that I was fine.  Like a lot of you I read about gurus and great masters and how they live(d) in ashrams and caves and summer homes.  I live in a house, I have bills, and I have a 46 hour/week job. I teach meditation classes and do energy sessions on the weekends.  I am married and have a mother in-law like a lot of you.  In my posts I like to have you see that I am a real person.  I want to show you how meditation helps me be human.