Relieving Cramps in Style

Crohn’s Colitis:Relieving Cramps in Style

Relieving Cramps in Style

When I was first sick with Crohn’s Colitis I would get cramps that would double me in two.  I am not a person that feels pain and these cramps were so bad that I would break out into a sweat and lay on the couch in a ball. I did not practice meditation back then and even better, I would have called you a fruit loop if you told me you did. 

Looking back today I see that was one of my early introductions to meditation.  One day while curled up in my ball on the couch I decided instead of tensing up, to relax my body.   I started taking deep, slow breaths into my belly.  I would talk to my body and tell it to relax. I worked with my body this way, first lying on the couch in a ball.  Then, sitting up I would try it.  Then standing, keeping with giving myself the messages to relax and breathing slow and deep. I could not believe how fast it started to work for me.  I started hoping I would get cramps as a challenge for myself to time it and see how long it would take to relax them.

My wife would look at me and say “what are you doing?” I would tell her I was being like a wet rag.  She would shake her head and walk away and let me be. 

If you have cramps give this a try.  This might sound weird but think about making a meditation out of it, using what you feel to focus your mind.  When you get cramps settle your mind and breathe deep into your intestines and feel your cramps dissipate.

Then, try it when you don’t have cramps. Settle your mind and breathe deep into your belly and feel your stress dissipate.