s Colitis

Crohn’s Colitis: Some of my beliefs and Crohn’s Colitis

Some of my beliefs and Crohn’s Colitis

I live by some beliefs that I am going to share with you.

  1. The brain controls the body. The brain controls every part of your body: your breath, heartbeat, hair growing, hair falling out…you name it, the brain controls it.
  2. The mind does not know the difference between what we consider truth and what we consider imagination.  When I say truth, that being what we notice with our senses/what happens outside of our bodies. And imagination being what we create and imagine inside of our brains.
  3. I believe we can over ride the automatic programming of the mind, and the mind is running on automatic pilot.  There are people that can lower their heart rates, blood pressures, and fat burning just by flipping the switch from automatic to manual and adjusting whatever they want to adjust in their bodies.
  4. I believe when you have a sickness or dis-ease that is the signal to you that the automatic programming is out of alignment with healthy living.  Sometimes without knowing it, we could have thrown the program out of whack with our eating, stressing, fostering bad living conditions, etc. etc.
  5. I believe when the mind creates a sickness in the body it is not trying to hurt or kill its host (body) it is actually trying to fix the problem. It is creating a signal for the brain to help change the program.
  6. One last thing, I believe you have to change the situation(s) that is causing the illness before you can heal.  Change the situation and create a healthy life style. At the same time flip your mind to manual and create a new image of your life and where you are going.  I believe if you readjust you will start to create health in the body.

Question for you to answer: If you also took these beliefs to be true, do you believe that you can reverse your illness by changing and using your own mind to bring you back to a healthy state?

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