Seeing Through the Eyes of the Observer

Crohn’s Colitis: Seeing Through the Eyes of the Observer

Seeing Through the Eyes of the Observer

When I look through the eyes of my observer, there is so much to see.  I see my two worlds, heaven and earth, and I see the space between the two worlds.  I understand that it’s in between my two worlds where true enlightenment exists.  This space is where you start understanding patience, intention, and the true perfection of the universe.    

There are times in everyone’s life when something makes the light go on and you realize it’s time to believe.  In my business over the last twenty years I have had certain things told to me by five different people about who I am,  things that I’ll do, and things that I will accomplish in my life.  These are people who don’t know me or each other and yet each of these people added a piece to a story of my life. I never took much stock in anything others said about me or saw in me until I started seeing the trend.  I have seen the story grow as I have been moving through my life.  It’s like a book that’s being written as I live it. 

So, I made the choice to let it happen. I’m sitting back and watching my life unfold.  I’m watching, like I always have, for the signs from the universe. I will welcome the opportunies and always ask why.

You might be asking why I’m telling you this. Well, I always tell the people who come to my classes that they are wonderful, talented and beautiful and that it’s time to believe. And I know how hard it can be. But there comes a time when you start believing.  Something made the light come on for me.  I let go of my doubts about my story and started to believe.  I have seen the gift of the observer. When I look through the eyes of my observer I see possibilities. For me, to see through my observer’s eyes is to meditate and silence myself. I am not silencing the chatter. I am not silencing the noise outside of myself. I am simply silencing myself and getting out of my own way.

 I let go of all the stress of expectation. It was amazing to let go of trying to live. I let go of trying to be successful. I let go of trying to be safe and I let go of trying to be seen as this or that. I just watch now.  My job is to watch the signs and take thoughtful steps to complete my path.

The most important thing I want you to take away from this is to align with your observer and watch your life happen.  Of course there are bills, work, health and safety concerns that are still part of life but the observer is asking why.  Giving yourself to the observer and finding the space between heaven and earth is seeing life in that space of possibilities. It’s the space where things that are happening in your life might just be what you need to see.