Seeking The Path

Crohn’s Colitis: Seeking The Path

Seeking the Path

When I first started to learn and research meditation I hopped from book to book, class to class, following technique after technique.  I read and practiced,  trying to figure out what I was supposed to feel like, act like, and think like.  I read different authors so I could emulate how they acted, how they felt and how they lived their lives because mine was not working for me.  It got to a point that I lost who I was; I lost what made me Bob.  I looked to all these great people who I was trying to act like because I felt I was not good enough, so I had to be someone else.

I believe in the beginning when we seek out our paths we all do this. We might not believe that the person we are is good enough.  We might think, hell if I am so great why do I need a path?  So we study, we read, we do classes, until one day we have to make up our mind.  We have to make up our minds about what we want, what we want to create, what we believe works, and we start fine tuning everything that we have learned from our reading, our classes, and from our practice and make it ours. We start fine tuning our practice. We share it with like minded people and maybe give a class.

The reason I am writing this post is so you understand that there will be a time that you need to create your own meditation.  Yes read, yes take classes, and yes find tools to help you live the best possible life.  But, don’t lose your truth to someone else’s beliefs.  Begin to sift through your entire understanding of meditation to find the pieces that work for you and build them into your practice.  Look to find ways to fine tune your practice.  Don’t be afraid to make changes in your practice. If your practice of meditation does not work dump it and start again.  Don’t waste your time trying to mend it.

Meditation is learning to hear the silence between the chatter.  That said, finding your way to hear the silence is that simple, but hard.  The secret is finding something you like. I like moving energy through my body so I adopted a practice that is chi gung and modified it to what I wanted.  I also find that the breath is a great basic tool to start with.  When I am not moving energy I am listening to my breath.  Good luck, I hope this helps.