Short Timer

Crohn’s Colitis: Short Timer

Short Timer

At work or in the armed forces there is a term short timer.  A short timer is a person who’s coming to the end of their time working. It might be retirement or the end of their hitch or contract with the armed forces. 

I was speaking with a client recently and I was talking about life. I told her I am a short timer in life. Hearing this she looked at me with a question in her eyes.  I explained that I have about 40 more years to live, if I am lucky, and as a short timer, I would like to fill that time with what the universe wants for me and what I want for myself.  We talked a little longer and my client asked me to say more about the universe.

I explained that I have pretty much given my life over to the universe so I can make the most of my short time.  I sit and watch for signs telling me what I need to do next.  The secret to my success is seeing the open doors of the universe and walking through them.  If I had all night to sit here and tell you some of the details about things that have turned me on the right path it would amaze you. It amazes me still.  Some of it was positive, some negative, but all of it was needed and I learned from all of it. The things that have put me on my path ended up being the best things that have ever happened to me.

There are two ingredients to living life through the universe. First you need to have faith. Second you need to have patience, to be able to sit and wait for the signs.  Whenever I think I have seen a sign I question how it feels. If it does not feel right for me, I pass it up.  If something is not coming together for me and it’s hard to achieve the outcome I want, I question it.  I have practiced this for a long time. Now I just follow my instincts. Doing this for so long I now know when the universe is opening a door.  I get a true excitement and I need to know everything about whatever door is opening to me.  Then I start following it and learning and as I do smaller doors open up. The smaller doors show me more as I move down the path/opportunity that is awaiting me.  Yes, sometimes it leads me to a dead end.  Then all of a sudden something else opens and the talent I learned that I thought was a dead end merges me with the path I need to be on next.

We all interpret signs differently. I believe we all can see them, but I also think it takes faith to believe as well as learning to let go and let the universe just happen.  I am not saying that following the universe is not hard work. It is.  Believing in yourself and looking fear in the face and following the path of your life is hard work.  But in my life I would not change a thing. Maybe tweak a little, yes. But not change it.

My path is short now. I’m a short timer. I have 40 more years if I’m lucky, and I am excited.