Silent Masters

Crohn’s Colitis: Silent Masters

Silent Masters

After I wrote the last post (Universal Love) I started reflecting on these two people, the princess and the stable hand.  They could not tell anyone about their love for each other and they could not act on their love either.  They shared it with universe and never told anyone.  They never took credit for bringing prosperity, healing, and safety to their kingdom.  They shared a pure love that made a change around them and made a difference in the world around them.

What I marvel at is that these two people had a true understanding of the universe.  They understood the ego could not conceive of or understand the love that they were sharing.  They understood that to understand love that is beyond this world they had to move past the ego’s conception and this world’s interpretation of love.  They both realized and mastered that all they had to achieve is the intention and the feeling of love and hand it to the universe to have the universe do what it must.  This is the true lesson for all of us to learn.

These two understood that speaking of their love and their intention to others who were listening with the ego and thinking with ego would have damaged the love that they shared. It would have taken away from the feelings that they shared for each other and which they now were sharing with the universe.  They understood that sharing their love in this way was a blending of their souls into one and becoming one with the universe. Their silent love for each other and turning it to their mastery of meditation, and a great understanding of the universe and themselves, gave them the focus to move the ego aside to allow the universal love to flow.