Sitting in the Eye of the Storm

Crohn’s Colitis:Sitting in the Eye of the Storm

Sitting in the Eye of the Storm

I was talking to a dear old friend a few days ago, about my life. I have a lot going on in my life and there was a bunch more added to it this week, more things to worry about, more things to buy to make things right, and more fences to mend.  As I unloaded to my friend about how my life was challenging, she smiled at me.

It was kind of a funny moment, and she spoke to me in my language.  She spoke to me like I would speak to you.  She told me that I was swept away in the tornado of life.  She said “you’re going around and around trying to keep up with the tornado, trying to control where things will land”.  She went on saying, “the only way to beat the tornado is to sit in the eye of the storm and sit calmly and let things fall where they may”.

She looked at me and said, “the only situations that you can control are your own.  When you believe that you have control over anything, that’s when you have the least control”.

I wanted to share this with you so if you ever decide to ride inside of the tornado, you to can read this and remember to find your center of your tornado, sit calmly and let things fall where they may.