Crohn’s Colitis: Success


I do not talk much about success, but not that it’s not on my mind. The question that I ask myself and maybe you do to is, am I a success?  If I look at where I was and compare it to what I have done, I believe I am a success.   But what determines what it means to be a success?

The rules of success are different for each of us.  Everyone’s  definition of the word success is different.  But I do know this, you are not going to be a success by following other people’s rules or how to get rich fast schemes. 

Yes, you might make some money or you might get a better job by learning to write a better cover letter or resume, however being a success is more than that. It is creating something that is yours.  It can be something simple like molding an ashtray at pottery class or healing yourself with your mind.

Success is creating something that is uniquely yours, something created out of you with all of you, your heart, your soul, your spirit, your hands, your brain. All of you.

When we look outside of ourselves to learn success we look at other people’s success and might emulate how they run their business or their lives, trying to capture what they have and what made them a success.  To truly understand how they became a success look at what drove them. Every book or class or lecture that you have read or gone to will tell you the ‘how to’ but not what drove them to get to where they are now.  What drives you?

Most people who have achieved any kind of true success came from a place of desperate measures.  I am talking people who had nothing and created something.  These people live true sweat and tears, they are the ones that just did not give up.

Now we have second and third generations who think they are a success but they are living off the hard work and old money and contacts of the true builder of success who came before them. They are not necessarily creating their own success.

Your success comes from believing in yourself, creating a whole life that is full and complete.  It is not money, social standing, or showing others “look at me now”. I will tell you from personal experience each one of those reasons (money, social standing, and look at me) will visit you until you find balance with them all.

In deciding if I am a success, I look at my life rather than buying a pitch that a company is selling to tell me I am a success. Here are my suggestions if you want to be a success.  Look at your life. If you are single or a family, get your house together. Get your bills paid, have savings.  Find what you are passionate about and create something that is from you.  Beware of companies  that are telling you that you are passionate about them. You can follow their rules or chant their slogans or apply their tactics but it’s still not yours. It’s fake success.  They are just hooking your attention through mind control, propaganda and hypnosis.  Beware of companies or ads telling you that you need this and that to be successful, showing you pictures that evoke your feelings.  You buy it and fall into what they are selling, making them a success, but they can not make you a success.

Success is not for others to see or decide, it is for you to see inside of yourself. No book or company can give you that. You become it, it is what you are. Only you believing you’re a success will let you create success in your life.