Tapping into the Universe

Crohn’s Colitis: Tapping into the Universe

Tapping into the Universe

I offered a recent meditation to my class that I thought was pretty good and I want to share it with you. The visualization that I shared with everyone was about giving themselves permission to be the universe.  I asked them to give themselves permission to let go of what they think is holding them back from being the universe.

I asked them to drop the shoulds, woulds, and coulds.  I asked them to let go of thoughts of what they have done and what they have skills at and what they don’t.  I asked them to let go of how they look; their race, creed, color or size. I told them to leave their beliefs and just be open to the present moment. I told them to let go of their body, except their breath.

I asked them to see a blade of grass in their mind’s eye and gently pinch it between two of their fingers.  I went on suggesting they choose to feel the exchange of energy between themselves and the blade of grass.  I told them to feel the roots and the soil and the surrounding area.  I suggested going deep into the earth, creating their own roots and feeling the center, feeling the center of themselves.

Then gently I asked them to come back to the breath and the roots that we created to the center of the earth.  We sent healing thought and our intention for a better world for all down to the center of the earth.  The energy in the room changed. It became hope, love, and permission.

I am writing all this not because of what we did but because it started out with each and every person giving themselves permission to be wonderful and talented and beautiful and seeing where it leads.  At any moment you too can give yourself permission to be the universe.