Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

Crohn’s Colitis: Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

Tell Me Who Your Friends Are

My mother taught me a little saying: “tell me who your friends are and I will tell you who you are.” When my mother was alive and I was drinking a lot she would say “tell me who your friends are” and then she would leave it alone.  I would walk away mumbling something under my breath because she hit a nerve.

This saying still works in my life. The people who we circle ourselves with tell us who we are.  Sometimes I see some of the people that I hung around with years ago and they tell me how their life sucks and they refuse to believe that their actions might be the problem in their lives.  Then they start talking about their glory days and their “if I only” dreams.  

There are times that you just need to walk away from your oldest friend or a family member because they are holding you back from achieving your goals.  I am not just talking about a goal of getting a new job or writing a book or stopping drinking. I am talking about creating the best life for you.

People can be toxic. They can pull you under when you are weak or try to hold you in the same place that they are stuck in.  The first time I walked away I lost all of my drinking buddies. I was left with no one.  When I got sick and wanted to be healthy I started to pick the people to be around who knew that I could do better.  I still surround myself with people who see the best for me. I never ask anyone to do my life work but it is nice to have someone in your life to cheer you on when you’re weak or pick you up and help you over the finish line if you start to get tired. Those are friends that you can grow with.