Thank You Crohn's

Crohn’s Colitis:Thank You Crohn’s

Thank You Crohn’s

How will you feel when you realize the best thing that ever happened to you was having an incapacitating illness like Crohn’s Colitis?  If you have been reading my blog right along you can maybe understand how I think.  However for people who are new to this blog keep reading.

The life that I have right now is a product of a wonderful disease, Crohn’s Disease.  Crohn’s was an excellent teacher and friend.  To do what I have done in healing my Crohn’s, I needed to look into my life and make the changes needed to cure myself. Those changes put me on the path of life instead of sickness.

Back then I didn’t know what I was doing, but now that I know, I can tell you: start looking into your life and pick life.  Sickness is not life, it is sickness.


My book, I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis, is a simple and powerful book that shows you how I healed and gives you the tools to do the same. It is now available! Pick up your copy at any local bookstore or order online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Balboa Press Bookstore

I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.