The Big Picture

Crohn’s Colitis: The Big Picture

The Big Picture

I was talking to my class the other day and someone shared a comment/question that I need to share my thoughts on.  The question was this: “what are we going to do about what is going on in the world? We have nuclear plants melting down, we have civil war going on in multiple countries and many other problems.”

There is one thing I have watched over my lifetime meditating.  Sometimes you have to let things run their course.  I know that sounds like that I am not engaged in what is happening in the world and what is going on in it, but I look at my life and this is what I have observed.  When I had my head on the bar being drunk, I now know it was a wonderful thing for me.  When I was sick and had just about enough energy to get out of bed I now say thank god.  When I had to write the word that was needed to fill out a job application on the palm of my hand because I was dyslexic I now say I am humbled by the gift that has been bestowed on me.

Every one of these things was something that brought me to type this post for you at this moment.  Every one of these things happening in the world at this time is called change.   Maybe in a few years the Middle East will be a place that promotes peace and equality.  Maybe nuclear plants will be a thing of the past because the world will come together as one to create a worldwide power grid where everyone is equal and we put our heads together to harness clean, powerful energy sources shared by all.

I know hindsight is something that you have wait and watch, and you want to do something right now.  So for right now, take your intention for a better world, let that be your meditation, and watch it unfold in front of you.