The Business of Life

Crohn’s Colitis: The Business of Life

The Business of Life

As you all know I have a full time job like most of you, and like all jobs there are times that it is trying.  There are times I have felt unappreciated and under paid.  Those thoughts are some of many thoughts and stories I would create in my head that caused me to have stress which turned into Crohn’s Colitis.

I had to look long and hard at my thoughts to change them around.  I had to look at my statement that I was underpaid and why I felt that, so I called around to other companies that had people who had my skill set and asked them what they started at and what their top rate was for the same job.  I found in most cases my hourly rate was the same or over for my skill set.  So that meant I had to learn to live inside of my means or get a second job.  I had to learn to make my money work for me. I had to learn not to live on credit and I had to take control and be smart and creative with my finances. Once I got control (part of that was sharing everyday money concerns with my wife who takes care of money and keeps me in the loop) my stress went down.

Then I had to look at the next statement, that I felt unappreciated. I think we all feel that way one day or another whether we are the owner of the business or the lowest guy on the totem pole.  But to change my mind I had to adopt an idea that the company that I worked for was mine. I had to become the president of the area that I work in.  I asked people if they needed help, I took on projects to make my area work smooth, and I would share ideas and make sure people are safe.  I also learned how to leave work at work and go home.

I am telling you all this because I created what I felt I was lacking at my job.  I learned how to reduce my stress by learning the business of my life.  You are a business, your home finances are money coming in and money going out.  You need to learn how to be creative to keep money coming in and less going out and at the same time learn to have the money that is staying in the house make money for you too.  You have to create a happy work environment inside of your head.  You have to value your work and appreciate yourself. Our thoughts are what give us a good job or a bad one.

In these times jobs are few and far between and employers are looking to find ways to cut costs and stay in business.  You don’t want to be deadwood in the company that you work for.  So become the president of your area. That just might save your job, but you might also find being part of the solution instead of the problem will relieve a lot of stress in your life.  Now that is taking care of business.