The Chatter Matters

Crohn’s Colitis: The Chatter Matters

The Chatter Matters

Reading and taking classes on meditation and learning the many schools of thought on meditation, I have seen an overwhelming belief that the chatter of your mind is your enemy.  It is often taught that the chatter does not have a place in your mind.  I too talk about finding the silence and seeking the spaces between your thoughts however, the chatter matters.

We experience three states of being.  I will call them heaven, earth and observer.  When we are born as babies we are heaven. As we grow, we learn the ways of the earth.  Earth becomes the dominant thought and experience. This is why  tools like meditation, prayer, and/or whatever helps you find your peace come into play. They help you clear your path to find the observer.

I find my chatter is sometimes true inspiration.  My chatter is my motivation to push forward when my fear is telling me to stop. My observer is sitting down and seeing each thought for what it is.  Meditation is not about removing chatter but having the opportunity to observe heaven and earth in every thought and every space.

This blog would not exist if it was not for my chatter. I receive questions and comments from you, the readers and my inspired chatter answers.   I use my observer to scan my thoughts and pick out the wisdom from my chatter.  Positive or negative, it all falls under chatter.  Remember, heaven is learning to be silent, earth is about survival. Together you’re alive. The observer helps you see the difference between surviving and being alive.