The Cure

Crohn’s Colitis: The Cure

The Cure

To understand the cure you need to define what you believe your cure is first.  So let me tell you what my definition of my cure for my illness was.  I started with quality of life.  I needed to be able to get up in the morning and want to be alive.  I needed to be able to work, make money and feel like I was doing my part in my marriage. I needed to feel like I was pulling my own weight. 

I demanded that I was only going to the bathroom once or twice a day.  I wanted to eat and eat what I wanted when I wanted.  I needed to hold my body weight and gain weight.  I needed to stop taking medicine for my illness because it was going to kill me. 

I am making this list in hindsight but I feel it shows what I was looking at when I started my journey.  These are the things that defined my cure.  These are the things that brought my intestines back in line with my life.

I know you are saying to yourself, “What does this have to do with my intestines?”  Plus you might be saying, “You make it sound so simple!”  This is my answer.  By learning to meditate and by trying things that made sense to me, I started opening my eyes and understanding that I was my own cure.  But, think about this for one second: as I succeeded at each one of my demands on my list, one by one I was getting validation.  My intestines were being healed because to succeed at each symptom my body was changing to make it happen.  So, what is your cure?    


My book, I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis, is a simple and powerful book that shows you how I healed and gives you the tools to do the same. It is now available! Pick up your copy at any local bookstore or order online at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, or Balboa Press Bookstore

I started a FaceBook group it is called Using your Mind and Thoughts to Heal Crohn’s Colitis. I hope you check it out.