The Definitive Moments

Crohn’s Colitis: The Definitive Moments

The Definitive Moments

I wanted to share what is going on for me with a story.  I have written a book called I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis.  It is a book about how I have cured myself and I am getting ready to publish it in the near future.

So here’s the story.  My editor made me a couple of copies of the manuscript so I could pass them out to my most trusted friends and one person in my family, my oldest brother.  He was also sick with Colitis. I gave them each the orders to rip it apart. 

I have been very happy so far with the general consensus that people love the content and it was a page turner.  This was great news to me.  I invited my brother to breakfast and asked what he really thought of it and he looked at me and said he was disappointed.  I was very surprised and asked, “What was it? What disappointed you?”

He said, “The book was good, you just didn’t tell them about your aha moment.”  Then he started to tell me what his aha moment was, the moment he knew that he had to get better and what he had to do for himself to change his life and feel better.

I finished my breakfast with my brother and started asking myself, what was my aha moment?  I asked my editor what she thought. She brought up the point that nothing was popping up in my head.  She also reminded me that for the three years she’s heard my stories I have never mentioned any one singular aha moment, but rather lots of small and meaningful moments along the way.  I talked to a couple more friends and returned with mixed feelings.  Then I realized, it was true, I never really had just one aha moment. I had  little accomplishments over lots of time. I had small signs that said “you’re doing the right things.” I felt things in my body and in my general health and my mind became stronger.

I share this post with you because your reasons to heal or make the changes you need in your life can come in different ways. They can come in a defining moment like it did for my brother, or they can come in little accomplishments along your path, the way it did for me.  We are all different. We each have different meditations and we all heal differently.  But we have the same goal.  So just finish the goal.  Don’t worry about how your path goes or if the signs are big or small.  Just pay attention, follow your path, keep your goal in sight. Finish it.