The Flow of Life

Crohn’s Colitis: The Flow of Life

The Flow of Life

I was talking to my class today about stress and how you have to keep an eye on it. I brought this up because I had it happen to me.  Stress happens to all of us.  I look at stress and I compare it to a brook. The water of the brook is our energy and the fields and woods the brook passes through is our body. The trouble happens when the brook gets blocked with sticks and leaves and other stuff, then it floods.

Each day is different, we have some days that we have a lot of stress and other days we have the same amount of stress or maybe even less.  If I compare that to the brook, some days it rains, other days it does not.

Stress is the same way.  What happens is that the clean stream of our energy can get bogged down with worry or sadness or fear, it does not really matter.  It could be just how we feel about ourselves that blocks that path and creates stress through our bodies and causes sickness and depression.

Our job is to keep an eye on our brook. This is done by clearing the mind and becoming one with the stream of life and understanding the flow of life. This is meditation. It is watching. It is learning to remove the unnecessary blocks by mentally navigating the river and removing the debris before it becomes a dam, and in some cases, having the wisdom to realize the stream of life has created a dam for good reason, to change the direction of your path.