The Informational Age

Crohn’s Colitis: The Informational Age

The Informational Age

Information is key to life.  But we live in a time when we are overloaded with information. How do you tell if the information that you’re receiving is helpful or harmful?

I watch the news sometimes just to see how they keep you glued to their broadcast.  Sometimes they use words like “breaking news” flashing at the bottom of the screen. Sometimes they start a story, catch your interest and then cut to an ad so you have to wait for the “news”. Best of all is the rise and fall of the newscasters’ voices to bring your emotions out.  These are all hypnotic suggestions. They are trying to keep you on their channel, on their show. Ask yourself, why? 

The answer is advertising. Advertisers know that you are not going to watch 30 straight minutes of ads so they fill in between each ad with entertainment. That is your favorite show or news program.  Each program is custom picked to run certain ads at certain times, to the demographic that it is trying to attract to their product. 

So what are these ads about and why am I even talking about this?  Advertising is selling. It is money. They are trying to make money by selling you something.  Marketing and the art of selling is probably the most researched subject in business at this time.  Research tracks your buying habits and how you react to what you see and hear.  I have read a lot on this because marketing research does have some of the best information on how the brain works.

Advertisers key in on how to create an idea of lack and they brainwash you, telling you what your life is missing.  Start looking at the ads you see. Look how they attract your attention.  Start noticing how the volume goes up, flashing words appear, and remember sex sells.  Just keep in mind why this is going on so you realize that whatever they say, it is up to you to believe it or not.  They are trying to sell you something, they want your money. They don’t know you.  They are looking to create a need for their product and they are going to do anything possible to create that need.

So back to my question, how do you tell if the information is helpful or harmful? Remember this, like I tell my students: you are wonderful, talented and beautiful.  Start looking into yourself first, then ask if you need their product.  If you buy from a place of lack, you will bring lack into your life.  Information is key.  It starts with you.