The Observer: Understanding Two Worlds

Crohn’s Colitis: The Observer: Understanding Two Worlds

The Observer: Understanding Two Worlds

My last two posts have talked about heaven (soul), earth (ego) and the observer (higher self). The observer is what connects us to both worlds and each world to the other and oversees the two worlds.

The observer is like a neutral spectator. At birth the observer watches heaven (soul) step aside so we can participate in earth’s lessons.  As we grow our lessons become stronger to prepare us to survive on earth without a parent feeding us or clothing us.  The soul is shown to us in different ways through the culture we live in but in some instances, in some cultures the ego disguises itself as soul so the lessons of earth ring supreme.  Unchecked, the ego carries out plans to gather power on earth.

On the other hand, the soul is our home in eternity.  If our soul overpowers us without the proper balance from ego, we are never comfortable here on earth, always looking to go home and never satisfied.

My story on this is that we are humans.  We are a blend of soul and ego. Usually for the first half of our lives we survive and we create the tools we need in ego to keep our human body alive.  We keep the human race growing through reproduction.  We learn to feed ourselves, clothe ourselves, and create shelter.  We create like minded groups of people and call them cultures. Ego makes the human race survive.  Soul makes the human race thrive.  Soul is what gives our culture meaning. Soul balances the ego by taking us to a level above animals.

For some people, during the last half of life we start looking for what is missing.  The house is paid for, the kids are out of the house and we don’t have to learn any more lessons to survive.  We realize something’s missing and buy stuff to fill that hole to no avail.  We start to feel that nothing of this earth is going to fill what’s missing.

That feeling is the observer saying it’s time to balance heaven and earth.  It’s time to bring us back from survival to grace.  I believe we come in as heaven, live on earth and go out as heaven once more.  The observer is reminds us about our true home. The observer keeps us connected and gets us ready for the trip back to heaven.

Meditation, prayer or any activity that brings you to silence the mind is the key. It is tuning into the observer.  By strengthening your connection to the observer it brings you closer to finding balance between your soul and ego.  It is being your true higher self.  Remember you come in as heaven, you live as earth, and you go out as heaven.  Align with the observer, find the balance, and find your true self.