The Power of Stories

Crohn’s Colitis:The Power of Stories

The Power of Stories

We all have stories. They could be of sickness, of health, of love, of hate,  or of the one that got away.  We create stories that are positive and negative. We even create one story to balance another to give our lives meaning.

In creating the cure of my Crohn’s Colitis, I pitted a positive story against the story of my diagnosis from the outside world.  I fabricated my positive story and trained my mind into believing it.  I made this story so powerful, so real and so alive that my body started manifesting changes that led to health.  My story of health became my truth and the story of sickness was released.  My body responded accordingly.

We create our own stories. We give them power, reason and life.   I want to remind you to look at your stories.  Are they positive or negative?  Are they filling a hole in your life? Are they giving you meaning in your life?  Do they create a harmonious existence for everyone who is around you?  Last question:  Do you even realize they are stories?