The View from the Universe

Crohn’s Colitis: The View from the Universe

The View from the Universe

I sat back and reread Universal Love and my follow up post Silent Masters.  I started thinking more about these two people, the princess and the stable hand.  I started to think about their perception of the universe or maybe I should say the universe’s perception of the ego.

These two masters understood that to become one with the universe was enlightenment but, to achieve this they had to release the thought of ego and worldly thoughts.  These two people understood that they didn’t understand the ways of the universe.  They believed that to really understand the universe they had to be the universe.  They understood that when they questioned the universe and tried to understand it or thought they could improve on perfection, that they were in ego.

The true master does not question the universe. The true master joins in the perfection of the universe by connecting with the pure energy of the heart to become one with the universe.  The true master understands that when they join the one consciousness they have moved from being ego, alone and separate, to becoming one, complete and whole.

The princess and the stable hand understood the big picture, that they did not have to be the light in a dark room, they just needed to be the flame.