Thinking and Changing Your Life!

Crohn’s Colitis: Thought, Thinking, and Changing Your Life!

Thought, Thinking, and Changing Your Life!

It amazes me everyday how many thoughts move through my head, how many stories that if I hung onto them, could change my day to happy, sad, angry, or fearful.  It all starts with thoughts. I know I am not giving you a big scientific definition of thought.  But, I am going to give you mine.

Thought is a possible story.   It is a distraction that pulls you from the present moment.  A thought is not like thinking. Thinking is finding an answer or solving a problem.  The word “thinking” to me means going into a file inside the brain to find an answer.  Thinking in my mind is an action, thinking is doing something. It is a tool.

When I see the word “thought” to me it means “story”.  Thought is a creative process that uses thinking as a tool in its creative endeavor. It is like a writer researching information in books and on the web before writing a book.  Thought can also be very destructive, the stories that we create can cause stress, health issues, and death if they go unchecked.  We could possibly create a story in our lives that could alter our lives as we know it by believing something that we created in our heads.

There is positive side to thought too, that is we can change our stories in ways to positively change our lives by understanding that the brain does not know the difference between what is real or what is fake.  When I was sick I created a story in my head that I was well and healing every day.  I focused my mind only on that story using facts by using thinking as a tool.  I trained my mind in meditation so I could watch my thoughts and any thoughts that were not worthy of my healing story were changed very quickly and replaced with creation that added to my story of health.

Soon my brain and my body started manifesting the story that I created and my body made the changes it needed to fulfill my story of health.  Now twenty years later I am still creating stories to create the life that I am living.  I work hard on creating my life but my life story started in my head as a story, as a possibility and now it is a living, breathing creation of healing work, writing, meditation, and health and my story is only getting better.