Thoughts Can Kill You

Crohn’s Colitis: Thoughts Can Kill You

Thoughts Can Kill You

This post is about how your thoughts can kill you.  It is so true. When I was sick I would think I was dying and sometimes wish I would just die.  I never really felt good and the more I thought about dying the worse my body felt.  I think back to those days and I am so happy I held on. So you might ask, why’d I hold on? Why didn’t my thoughts kill me? One reason is I had a mental toughness and will to survive that came from my family.  I watched my father live with sickness by being mentally tough.  But there was one difference. While he showed me how you can think tough to deal with your life, I went one step further and thought tough to heal my life.

When I started to heal nothing in my life really changed except my thoughts. My thoughts told my body that it changed and it was healthy. I got mentally tough in believing I was healthy. By learning meditation and sitting to watch my thoughts I could see the beginning of stories that I was telling myself; stories like “I am sick”, “I am healthy”, “do I have enough money this month” or “look at all the money we saved this month”.

I believe that we all have stories that run through our minds and if we are going to have stories then let’s pick the ones that are going to create something positive in our lives.  I believe I want to see the beginning of every story that is going through my mind so that I can craft it into what I need in my life.  My cure for my Crohn’s was finding the stories that were positive and implementing them into my life.  Anytime I saw one that was useless or negative about my health I would bring myself back to the present moment or cut the story off before it could do any damage. Eventually my body followed my mental toughness.

I know I make it sound easy and I guess it is, because you just implemented the whole story into your mind and you decided to go positive with your story.  Good Job.