Turning It Around

Crohn’s Colitis: Turning It Around

Turning It Around

I have spent many years working on my own thoughts and creating my thoughts into action.  But there was a time that I was a victim.  I thought I was illiterate and did not try to change it, I was sick and felt helpless, I believed that I was not going to amount to anything in my life.

Thinking makes us who we are.  Thinking is everything. That why it is so important to be able to observe thought.  To change your circumstance you need to change your thoughts of your circumstance.  But in order to change it, you first need to see the thought.  To an untrained mind a thought is an action until you say to yourself “what did I do that for?”

Meditation is the tool for this job. When you first start watching your thoughts you are going to catch your thoughts just as you finish the action or story and you might say “crap why did I do that/think that?”  Then as you continue to practice watching your thoughts you are going to catch yourself in the middle of the thoughts, and change the action or the story in the middle.  Then with more practice you are going to get to a point where you watch every thought before you turn it into an action or a story.

Eventually you are going to take the power away from the thought generator.  You’re going to start choosing how you think. You will choose what you do. You will become a master craftsman/woman of your thought. You are going create at high levels to bring about the picture of the life you choose to live.

Then you become a master of meditation and you use thought as one of your many tools.  You will use thought in your creation of what you call life, or you will shut off thought to be in the present moment, or be in a state of rapture as you become one with the universe.  It can be your tool or it can make you a slave. It is your choice.