Understanding a Simple Story

Crohn’s Colitis:Understanding a Simple Story

Understanding a Simple Stories

Simple situation: you see a cat run across a busy street.

Almost immediately your mind starts creating stories about the situation. It could be: “that cat is going to be hit by a car,” or, “I wonder what that cat was chasing across the street?” or, “I hope that cat doesn’t get hit by a car,” or, “that cat could belong to some little kid, and they are going to miss him.”

In the next split second you see the cat walking down the sidewalk on the other side of the street.  Your mind starts a new story: “wow, that cat made it across the street,” or, “the owner of the cat should keep it in the house.”

Do you see how the mind works? These stories pop up with little effort when situations arise. I want you to start looking at how when you see, feel or hear something, you make a story about it. In the story about the cat, an outcome was created even before the cat could make it across the street.  Then once the cat was on the other side of the street,  the story of crossing the street became a story about what the owner should be doing with the cat.

This is the mind. By training it and becoming aware of it, you start seeing your stories. Each story you create within your mind has the potential to create stress, which can cause dis-ease.  Or, each story has the potential to create peace which can lead to health and well being in your life.  Stories have the power to change your body or how your body is performing. In sickness, how many of us receive a story from someone who we feel knows more about us or our bodies then we do?  How many of us take that information and create a whole big story that could potentially cause us more health issues because the energy and power of thought make it come true inside of the body?

On the other hand, how many of us believe that the mind runs the body? How many of us believe that with a trained mind we can change the story to a better outcome that we create?  I have written this whole post so you can see how to use the mind and how the mind works with a simple story. When you see this, you can begin to create wellness in your life.  There are many ways to train the mind. I just happen to use meditation.

Last question: what do you have to lose by creating a story of health in your life, based on understanding that changing your thought just might be your cure?


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