Universal Love

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Universal Love

I remember a beautiful story about a princess and a stable hand, this tale about a beautiful love that grew between them, a love that was not planned or even thought of, or legal. I am not going to tell you the whole story in this post and to be truthful I have forgotten even where I read it.  But the lesson of the story is about understanding the universe. It is understanding that you can just love and let it go out to the farthest reaches of you intention.  It is about putting love into your heart and letting it radiate out from your aura with intention and letting the universe point it in the direction it is needed.

To make a long story short, the princess fell in love with the stable hand and the stable hand of course fell in love with the princess.  The princess, knowing that her father (the king) would not let them be together, started teaching the stable hand about the universe and universal love and how it worked.  She taught him it was alright to love from the heart.   She taught him that the love between them should be shared with everyone in the kingdom.  She explained to him that this was a much higher love.  It was a love with so much power it could change the world.

As time went on both the princess and the stable hand practiced giving their love to the universe.  They both became masters sharing the love they felt.  They would sit and meditate and bring in energy and let it filter through their hearts, and let love just shine from their hearts.  As the story goes everyone in the kingdom had bountiful crops, the sick were healed and the kingdom lived in peace.  The two didn’t get married or get together at all, but they understood love and the universe.

I am telling you this so when you sit down to meditate every night you can send your love to the edges of your intention of your universe.  We have major disasters every day, people being brutalized because of race, creed, color, caste, for money, drugs, or just for fun.  It happens in this country and abroad.  We have natural disasters and manmade disasters.  Some we hear about and most we don’t because it just might make us sick because we don’t understand why one human being can do that to another.

This is how I feel the world will change. Sit and meditate and bring the energy into your heart and let the love flow, send it out to the universe.   Let our love change the world.