Crohn’s Colitis: Ok, Universe

Ok, Universe

I am in a place of great confusion.  As you know I have written a book on how I used my thoughts to bring my body from a place of sickness to a place of health.  It is edited and I have a great cover image. It is mostly put together and I am looking around for a place to publish it.  I have heard the best route is to self publish, but I am not sure.

As you move through each self publishing site and read about how to self publish it becomes more confusing.  There is so much information and some complaints and some rave reviews. Some say you need “this” and others tell you they need “that”. It is overwhelming. My editor and I have talked to people who have self published and the companies they have used are considered good however, each person used a different company.

I am sharing this with you because it reminded me there are times that you need to forget about the whole thing and give it to the universe.  My father’s favorite saying was “God will provide”.  He had to say that, he had ten kids.  In my case I believe the information in this book could bring relief to people who are suffering and not just with Crohn’s or Colitis but with many illnesses where our thoughts are what are making us sick.

Ok, universe, it is in your hands. I am open and willing to see your decision. Just point the way.