Crohn’s Colitis: Visionary


This whole week the word visionary has been crossing my path and I have been trying to write something about being a visionary. So I looked up the definition of the word “visionary” and to my surprise it insulted me.    Visionary: 1. unpractical. 2. given to idealistic theorizing. –n. a dreamer; theorizer.

When I think of the word visionary and how it feels to me, I feel it is a person with great foresight, a person who creates a thought and brings it into the world piece by piece.  It is having an inspired idea, thought, or creation, and sharing it with others until it takes on a life of its own.  It is also other visionaries adding their light and their belief until it is complete and is perfect at that moment. 

When I think of one creation that was born of this kind of thought energy I look at the Constitution of the United States. The visionaries who created that document created this great country.  They created their thought, took a simple piece of paper and applied words to convey their ideas, and those have been governing this country for over 295 years.  Those writers created a country based on the vision they could see. They wanted something better; maybe we should want something better.