What Happen After Sickness

Crohn’s Colitis: What Happened After Sickness

What Happened After Sickness

I get asked a lot of questions about what life was like after I had my first solid bowel movement.  Well, for starters I knew I was doing something right. I was weaning myself off my medication and meditating every night. My meditation at that time was listening to a meditation tape for thirty minutes while picturing a golden healing light in my intestines.

Even though I was getting better, I had fears that sickness would come back. So, I started to change those thoughts by first catching them as thoughts and then changing them to positive thoughts about how strong my intestines were.  I was just putting one day in front of the other back then.  It was about believing that I could heal my intestines and making sure my thoughts lined up with that belief. Nothing fancy. I had not found any real research on healing with meditation back then and had no computer, just books.

In those days it was like I was in the dark and all I could see was a small speck of light that I followed blindly. I just kept moving toward the light and never looked back. I kept my eye on the prize.  I changed my diet to gain weight. No science involved, I just ate food that agreed with me and had a lot of calories. 

As days turned into months I found bookstores that had books on meditation or health and devoured those books. I also read a lot about visualization and how the mind works.  I read meditation books to focus my mind so it would not wander when I was focusing on my healed intestines.  And as I mentioned, I imagined golden light in my belly. The funny part was I didn’t know anything about Reiki or the healing arts at that time.

I put my head forward and did not take my eye off the light.  Over time my reading branched out and I learned more about the Chinese healing arts. Chi gung was one practice that I liked and it is still part of my practice.  I do an inner meditation form of Chi gung with little movement of the body.  It is about moving energy through your body by focusing your mind on different points in your body.

Those days were not hard but there was a lot of uncertainty.  There were many days I said to myself, “OK, I am going to the bathroom once a day, I feel good, my weight is great. Am I fooling myself here?”  And as soon as I caught that thought I would say, “Wait, I need to change that thought.”


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