What is the Meaning of This?

Crohn’s Colitis: What is the Meaning of This?

What is the Meaning of This?

I was talking to a friend today and we were taking about some of the theories out there on all sorts of things. We talked about theories on existence, what is happening around year 2012, theories of God, why the weather is changing, and how the earth was created.  I have read about everyone’s theories and it dawned on me that no one really knows.  Think about it, really. Ask yourself.  “They” have conjectured, tried to prove, and philosophized everything from the beginning of time.

The funny thing is, when did the beginning of time start? Ask that question.  Every week they find a new star, a new atom, a lost city, and everything in between. But does any one person know the truth? Or, do we try to put a picture together that makes us feel comfortable and makes sense to us and does not make us look like a crack pot when we try to share it with others?

As my friend and I talked she asked me, “ok then tell me, what do you believe?”  I said, I believe in change and only I can change for myself.  I learned to make change quickly.  I have learned it does not matter if the world is round or that it’s 2012. It is going to come and it is going to go.  I have learned that I am here to fulfill my body’s survival. How long is that? I do not know. I do believe that I need to take my consciousness to its highest level.  What that is, I have no clue.

The lesson that I do know is this: everyone knows the same about everything that is truly important…nothing.  We can not really share our inner beliefs with the world, because they are going to be scrutinized by the updated theories of the group consciousness.  The human race is a social species that needs to have a common thought to survive.  So I guess to sum this up, what is your truth and do you want to share it with the world?  Or is your truth everyone’s  theories? And does it make you feel good, or have you really ever given it any thought?