What is the Truth

Crohn’s Colitis:What Is the Truth?

What Is the Truth?

I have been talking to a dear friend of mine about meditation, energy, soul, ego, and god.  As we debated what comes first, the chicken or the egg, I realized something: is anything really true? 

Does anyone really know what happens when your heart stops?  I know people reading this might have a story that makes them feel safe at night; I have one of those too.  But sit back and ask yourselves to look at the belief you have about what is going to happen when you die. 

Some days that question stares me right in the face and challenges my whole belief system.  I have read so many books and studied many people’s theories and these theories have been passed down from generation to generation until they are passed down as the truth. But are they true?

I have never met anyone that has been dead for a month and then came back to life to give me a detailed report on it.  Let’s go one step further, how did we get here?  How was the earth created? Are we souls having a human experience? I guess it comes back to one thing and that is, what makes my ego feel safe?  What story am I going to choose because my brain can make sense of it?

What is the truth?  Is it what you can accept?  Is it what you have learned through books and stories? Is it science? Is it faith in something bigger than you?  Is it what makes you feel safe at night?  Do these questions make you feel uncomfortable? 

I go with: there is something bigger than me and I have a strong faith in the universe.  That is what keeps me safe at night and keeps me trying to do my best and finding the truth inside of me.  It gives me the strength to keep moving forward when things are tough and give thanks when things are bountiful.

But when these questions stare me in the face sometimes I want to run away and not deal with them.  Sometimes I just want to go on with my little life, with my little job, with my little family.  Then I go meditate and realize there will be a day when I will know the answer and then I will know the truth.