What Really Matters

Crohn’s Colitis: What Really Matters

What Really Matters

I asked for a theme today to post on my blog and a friend said “what really matters?”  So here it goes. What really matters is when you have pure intention.  I mean truly pure intention: a clear mind, thoughts and actions coming from soul instead of ego. What really matters is feeling the energy of intention vibrating in your molecules, in the space between your molecules. It is having the pure energy of creation moving into your aura and having this energy flow inside of you and outside of you in total perfection, bringing a feeling of connection.

What really matters is this: don’t let your ego get in the way.  Don’t direct this energy, don’t try to control this energy.  Don’t help it at all.  Just sit and let it become you because your ego is a lie.  This energy is the truth, it is the way, and it is the light.  This light lives in all of us; this vibration is the same in all of us, it is what connects us.  The ego is what separates us.

What really matters is that feeling of becoming one with all.  That is when we live in a world of peace.