Wisdom of the Ages

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Wisdom of the Ages

I have been to many classes on ancient practices, religions, techniques, and theories.   Sometimes I feel when I go to these classes that I am going backwards.  Sometimes it feels when I start looking into their belief system that it is taking away from what I know to be true for myself. 

I know you might say to me: well don’t go to those classes.  You could say: no one is asking you to believe in them.  Or you might say: this is what I choose to believe in, you just don’t know any better. You might say: this is the way to believe and if you don’t, you will be punished.

This post is not here to change you or tell you that what you’re doing is wrong or right or black or white.  What has dawned on me is that many spiritual practices are very old and that these techniques were in some cases created maybe five thousand years ago. It hit me that these, what I am going to call belief systems, have stood up to the test of time.

But, and there is always a “but”… do they work? These old practices were developed to bring cultures together.  They are belief systems with rules, rituals and their chosen right action that you need to follow to belong.  What about now, do they hold up to this day and age?

Do they give you hope? Do they give you freedom to create yourself?  Do they understand when you have outgrown their beliefs and encourage you to move forward to the next step if you feel you have outgrown their teachings?  There is only one person that can do your work to find enlightenment, freedom, or being your own creator and that is you.

I go to these classes because I am looking for tools to continue to create who I am.  It is like going to school for me when I learn from other belief systems. I am always looking to remove one more thought about myself that is not true or replace one thought with a more powerful thought.

We create ourselves everyday with every thought. Speaking for myself I like to be in control by always being hungry and looking and studying and being open to everyone’s different beliefs and also not being afraid to reject or understand if they are coming from a place I have already been.  I still look because all it takes is one word, one sentence that could be the one that creates my next creative thought.