Writing My Vision of God and the Enlightened Master

Writing My Vision of God and the Enlightened Master

Writing My Vision of God and the Enlightened Master

Writing my vision of an enlightened master was very important and is now putting me into a place of contemplation.  When you put out an intention or vision like that, when you put it into words, it gives your vision energy and becomes a goal to strive for. 

I have spent the last twenty years learning about myself and reaching goals. The first of my goals was to get healthy. Then, I set a goal to meditate everyday.  My goal then turned outward to share with everyone how far I came from just surviving to thriving.  Through sharing, my goal changed again to be a good healer and meditation teacher.  I am not saying that all these goals have been completed but they are each pieces of a much bigger pie.

If I look at my meditation and not anyone else, if I look at my life, all the pieces of this pie have, or are coming to together.  Meditation is still a huge part of my life.  My healing work and my meditation classes and helping others in learning meditation are also big parts of my life.  Developing my business in healing people is another piece of the pie.

But now with putting thought into what it means to be a master I have described to you what or who I could be, a small picture of my thought of what we all could be. 

A very good friend asked me what I see when I meditate. I answered, I see the light beyond all that is known to mankind or can be seen even with a telescope.  I went on to say that I see hope and the light of all thought.  I see intention of hope and love and the universe making the changes to make it happen.

Then I was asked if I see god and I replied, “what does he look like? Wait, is it even a he or is it a she or an it?”  Now I have been thinking about this for a day or so and I feel I have a better answer for my friend. 

So here is my new answer, and this is subject to change.  I move energy through my body from the earth and the heavens and I use this energy in my thoughts, in my words and in my actions.  The spark that moves this energy from my body to the universe is my intention.  My intention is the catalyst that creates change.  If god is the energy, then I have seen god and god has seen me.

God is inside all of us.  It’s our job to seek the enlightened master within and to move the ego aside and listen for the voice of truth.  This truth is the key that unlocks the door to the true gifts of knowing the universe.  Learning to quiet the mind and using the power of true intention to bring god to the forefront of your being in this lifetime is the gift of being human and the gift of being a child of god. These actions are what brings my vision to life.