Your Worth: The Corporate Factor

Crohn’s Colitis Your Worth: The Corporate Factor

Your Worth: The Corporate Factor

What does big business do to sell their products to us?  I was thinking about that today at work while I was looking at how I could improve on my own self worth and how I feel about myself.  As I continue my creation of myself and start thinking big I also have big fears coming up, balancing out the big thinking.  I am a person who is also relearning how to receive in my life because for some of my life I did not feel worthy of receiving.

So as I was pondering this I started thinking about the creation of thoughts that I want to manifest to make these changes in my life.  I started thinking about where I could look for more reinforcing information to bring these changes to my life (books, TV, movies).

But a thought process overran my mind.  I realized how big business exploits and weakens our resolve so they can make money.  I realized that they work very hard at exploiting our personal insecurities or self worth.   Our whole economy is based on us buying products.  So how does a business who sells a product like shoes get you to buy their shoes?   They tell you if you want to be cool, hang with the in crowd, or look and act like a CEO then you need their shoes because they complete you, and they are going to make you a better person and do a better job.

Businesses are going to flood the air ways telling you that you are nothing without their products.  They are going to show you images of yourself before and after.  They’re going to work on the brains of the young and the fears of the old.  They’re going to implant in your head that you are not good enough on your own. They are going to sell you your identity and then they are going to use key words to trigger how you feel so you end up buying their products. 

Wait, what is wrong with me? Why do I need some product to complete me? The product driven market is attacking us.  It is belittling who we are consciously, subconsciously, and super consciously.  Companies and advertising do studies on how to affect the human brain through every TV, through every computer, through every book and radio. They are giving us messages about how to think and live.

I am starting to wonder about this as corporations are looking to exploit the people of other countries and these countries are fighting back and saying, “hey we don’t want your culture,  we don’t want to change the way we think and believe”.  These counties that we might describe as underprivileged or backward, why do they need a cool pair of shoes? 

Well where do you get your worth? What price are you willing to pay for knowing you are wonderful and talented just the way you are?