You've Got to Have Faith

Crohn’s Colitis: You’ve Got to Have Faith

You’ve Got to Have Faith

When I say you’ve got to have faith I am talking about knowing that there is a reason for you and your life. Have faith there is a reason for everything that is happening to you in your whole life.  Every moment of every day things are happening to lead you to this moment of your life, to read what you are reading, wear what your wearing, love who you are loving, to understand what you are understanding.

This faith I am talking about goes deeper than all manmade thought, explanations, and theories.  It is something deep inside of us, more than the will to live or power to survive which are survival instincts, hard wired in our brains and bodies.  Faith is hope and knowing that your life means more than eating, sleeping, working, having children and surviving.  I live my life looking at the people, places and things that I come in contact with. I ask the question, “why?”  I have met people who I wish I never did, but they molded my path.  I have met other people who have left my life and I wish they were still here so I could seek their guidance.  I have met others in my life who I cherish for who they are and what they bring to my life.

Faith is going beyond your ego and knowing that your existence matters. You could be the person who encourages others to look deep inside of themselves.  You could be the person others seek for your guidance because you are wise beyond your knowing. You could be the person who reminds others that it is going to be alright or the one who tells someone to get their head out of their butt and move forward.

Faith is understanding our lives are so much more if you look.  Can I tell you what to look for? I don’t completely know what I am looking for; I am trying to understand myself.  But I do know faith helps.  I had to have faith in curing myself and it worked.  I have had hard times and faith has shown me the way.  I have questions with no real answers and I have faith that I will come to the correct answer or action.  I have faith that I am doing the right things with my time here on earth. I believe and have faith that my path in life is sharing my thoughts and healing work with you. You’ve got to have faith.