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Let me explain how distance healing works:

Of all the things I have written for this web site this is the toughest to explain.  We are all connected. There is an energy that is all around us and consciously or unconsciously we are all tapped into it.  You might experience this as a feeling that you are going get a call or see someone one day and sure enough they turn up in your day and your words might be “I was just thinking of you today”.  Another example might be feeling like someone close to you needs something or is hurting and you got that gut feeling to call and when you did you found out they really needed you.
This way of relating to each other is the exact energy I tap into to send you your distance treatments.   By bringing myself into a deep meditation and using your name and perhaps a picture or some basic information about you, I align myself with your energy to deliver the treatment you need and deserve.  I understand this sounds mystical and some people think downright weird, but it is a powerful healing experience.  I have made this treatment available on a donation basis, please work within your means. I believe distance healing will live up to or surpass your expectations.  I hope you give it and me a try.

For more Information on Distance Healing go to Thank you.



I found Bob’s website when I was searching for anything about meditation and Ulcerative Colitis on the internet. I sent Bob an email asking for a meeting on Skype and a few days later we met online. Bob shared his story, gave me a lot of helpful information and made me understand that it is me who rules my life and creates my reality. Bob also did a distance healing for me which was a great experience. Although we were thousands of miles away from each other (Bob in the U.S. and me in the Czech Rep.), I could feel an energy entering my body and bringing calmness, happiness and overall relaxation inside. Although I’ve never met Bob face to face and know him only from Skype and emails, I have no doubt about his qualities as a spiritual teacher.

D.H. Czech Republic

Bob’s ability to connect with life energy is like nothing I have seen before.  Additionally, he has an amazing ability to pass this energy to you through Distance Healing.  During the experience, you feel like you’re receiving a Reiki treatment.  There was no question in my mind that what he does is real.  When the session was over, I felt recharged, electrified… ALIVE.  The feeling is like nothing I have ever experienced.  I can’t wait to do it again!  If you’re curious about Distance Healing with Bob, I highly recommend trying it at least once.  It’ll change your life!   😀

M.P. Worcester

Bob’s ability to access the healing energy of the universe, and transcend time and space to share it, is quite clear and palpable. The warmth and calm of healing paired with a vibration of vitality felt as real and perfect as the Body Energy Balancing I have received in person. Bob is a gift.

S. M. Mass

The long-distance treatment that I received from Bob was sensational!  It was more than I expected and afterwards I felt very balanced and centered.  I recommend him highly…the sense of peace and serenity that I received from his treatment was amazing and I will definitely do it again!!

C.M. Worcester

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