Fear is the true opponent to illness. We live in a life of transparent threats. These transparent threats are the one that we conjure up in our heads. We create the what if’s, or I going to do this when this happens. We create in our own minds our worst monsters are biggest demons. So what face have you put on your illness? What monster? What demon have your created? There is a simple truth to everyone. It’s this, you need air, water, food, and most of all to feel whole. Ask yourself if you’re reading this, you must be breathing, you must be hydrated, you must have ate something, it just leaves are you whole? When I was sick I didn’t have the information that is out there now about diet and stuff like that. Hell I didn’t even own a computer yet. My diet was family packs of chickens, Root beer soda, and ring dings. I ate other stuff but not how everyone is on a new diet or program now. So you know I was breathing, drinking, and eating so what did I fix? I fixed my wholeness. I faced my fears. I faced my demons and that was believing that I knew more about myself then anyone one else. I made an assumption that my mind ran my body. I had no proof but I created in my mind the atmosphere that it was completely true and it was going to work. Plus I had nothing to lose and I had no fear. I created my wholeness my new life.


The Review of my book.

Climbing the Mountain of Sickness

Crohn’s Colitis: Check This Out About Prayer

Friend of mine shared this with me.  So I am sharing it with you.


Crohn’s Colitis: We Did It!

We hit 10,000 hits on I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis!  This is exciting news for me that means people like what they are reading!  I hope my new book called           I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis will peak your interest as well!  It will be coming to bookstores and online after the new year!  I will keep you updated.


Bob Stickles