Crohn’s Colitis: Check This Out About Prayer

Friend of mine shared this with me.  So I am sharing it with you.


Diet and Illness

Crohn’s Colitis: Diet and Illness

Diet and Illness

I get a lot of questions about my diet.  I answer them this way: I eat anything I want right now.  I follow a diet more to fit my low blood sugar than anything with Crohn’s.  The diet I stay with for my low blood sugar includes a lot of veggies, mostly raw.  I like Greek salads and any salad really.  Most of the time I follow that up with a protein like fish, chicken or turkey.  I eat many small meals through the day to keep my sugar balanced and stay away from sugar because it causes peaks and valleys in my blood sugar.

It was not always this way.  When I first got sick with my Crohn’s I had no diet. It was not a healthy way to be and if anything, my main diet staple was beer.  I have come a long way from those days.  And my illness was a cruel teacher in the beginning as I found out what set me off and then had to find things to eat that did not bother me.  It became a test of time, which things could stay in my diet.

I will never tell you what to eat. Each body is different, each person is different.  But what I will share with you is when you are sick your body is craving nutrients. Here are some of the things I did to get the nutrition I needed:

I have taken vitamins my whole life since about age six.  I know that there are doctors out there who don’t believe in vitamins but they still don’t have a cure for Crohn’s.  Because I grew up with vitamins, it was not a big deal for me.  When I got sick, and more when I got healthy, I started reading up on vitamins and how they help give you the nutrition you need.  Like anything, if you want to use vitamins, don’t take my word for it. Read a book and find out how to take them for your body.  Look for the side effects, find out the RDA and what the RDA is based on. Ask yourself, is this who you are?

I also used a lot of body building shakes. For me it was an easy way to get small meals that did not make me feel sick.  Some are made with milk and since I was lactose intolerant I used the lactose free milk. 

When I was trying to gain weight I would eat 3 banana and peanut butter sandwiches a day in addition to my regular three square meals. I quit drinking alcohol.

Now remember, I am not a doctor. I am sharing with you what I did as a Crohn’s patient with my diet.  Crohn’s blocks nutrients from getting into your body and you have to find a way around the Crohn’s to get your body strong. Getting the nutrients you need and building the strength in your body feeds your brain and makes it easier to change your thoughts and heal your mind, your body and your life.

We Did It

Crohn’s Colitis: We Did It!

We hit 10,000 hits on I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis!  This is exciting news for me that means people like what they are reading!  I hope my new book called           I Healed My Crohn’s Colitis will peak your interest as well!  It will be coming to bookstores and online after the new year!  I will keep you updated.


Bob Stickles

Sometimes You’re Alone

Crohn’s Colitis: Sometimes You’re Alone

Sometimes You’re Alone

In life there are times that you are alone.  There are people all around you but no communication.  Talking happens but no connection. That’s why personal connections are so powerful and so necessary. They keep us from feeling alone.  As time goes by some connections fade and new ones get created. That is how life is.  Then sometimes you are just alone, maybe by choice.  Nothing and no one can reach you because you have become unreachable. You just want silence. You just are. 

Sometimes I go into those places and act like I am in a bad mood; not snapping at anyone but acting distant and standoffish so I can be alone.  I want to feel alone sometimes; quiet, just listening to my inner self with no interruptions, no outside stimuli.  Meditation is great for that too but that’s a set time that I put aside.  The alone time I am talking about is during the activity of the day.

When we see each other’s eyes open we want to connect and talk and share what we are doing and thinking.  But sometimes I need a whole day or two to just be alone, with my eyes open.  I might be in public at work, doing my job performing my duties, just wanting to be alone with my thoughts.  So if people ask, I share with them that I am thinking about a problem and I just need to be alone and I carry on. 

Sometimes it is so great being alone. You don’t have to react to what people talk about.  We all have our ways of sharing with people that we are listening and that we care about what they’re saying. We validate each other’s feelings and laugh or cry with each other.  We talk out our problems and we give advice.  This is all good, it helps remind us that we have community. But, it can also take a lot of energy and sometimes you have none to give. That’s when I go into my alone time.

Give it a try.

My Tool Bag

Crohn’s Colitis: My Tool Bag

My Tool Bag

We all need a set of tools to help our egos find our way through life. Like most of us, when I was young I filled my tool bag with the tools I learned from my surroundings, my life and the people in my life. When I got sick and started to look at myself I could see that the tools that I had trusted either caused my sickness and/or added to it.  I could also see that some tools did nothing but weigh me down. Then there were other tools in my bag which have stood the test of time and I have kept them.

When I made the decision to try something different to heal my Crohn’s I had to empty my tool bag.  I started researching not only my illness but more important, which tools I would need to fill my tool bag with. I realized quickly that what was important was the bag itself.  The bag is the foundation of thought that you are going to use to create what you need or to tackle a problem. It is your game plan of life.

I found that the tools are just that: tools. They are things you use to do a job. At one time I used an ax to cut down a tree but it was hard work and time consuming.  So I bought a chainsaw.  Should I use the ax for the rest of my life just because it’s in the tool bag?  You have to decide which tool makes the most sense for the job you are doing.

I have changed the tools in my bag many times now.  When I was sick I needed to change how I thought and replace the tools that didn’t work with tools that did.  I needed to pick thoughts that created health and when I did my body started to heal.  Once my body was healthy I knew that to keep it moving forward I needed to adapt my tools from the thoughts of healing sickness to thoughts of living and creating a new life.  As I used the tools of thought to create a new life, things changed again. I wanted to teach meditation so new tools were needed to show me my way from meditating on my own to sharing my tool of meditation with others.  When I began my work as an energy healer, again a new set of tools was needed.

So you can see, as life changes that’s when you start sorting out your tools. I started going through my bag on a regular basis, keeping the tools that worked and replacing the ones that didn’t work.

Now I have created a tool room where I store good tools that have been picked up over the years.  Each tool in my tool room has been forged from wisdom. They have each been heat treated by the test of time. This is where I go to fill my bag with the tools that match the job I am working on.  My life is moving forward and the creations that I am developing are going to need many old tools and more new tools.

Look at your tools of life. Ask yourself if they are working for you.  It is your bag but most of all it’s your life. Don’t let the wrong tools be in the way.  Don’t let yourself down by being afraid of changing your tools.

I Want Some......

Crohn’s Colitis: I Want Some……

I Want Some……

For a time in my life I searched for the building blocks of true self. Here are some of the big ones: respect, love, appreciation and praise.  I believe each person is unique and is looking for their own personal building blocks of true self, perhaps what they feel is lacking inside of themselves.  I have been around the block of life long enough to realize that you don’t receive these building blocks of true self from other people.  To truly receive the building blocks of true self you need to give them to yourself. 

When you give yourself the building blocks of true self then you can share them with the people around you. Let’s use love and appreciation as examples. When you are looking for love and appreciation you may find it is hard to receive them.  Offers from others might feel fake and hollow or whatever good feelings you receive from other people’s words or actions are very short lived.  You end up looking again to have someone else try to fill the emptiness inside of yourself.

I know it’s hard on your ego to say “hey, I respect, love and appreciate, myself” (or whatever else you need at the moment), but try it. 

I can only talk about my life on this one but I was not taught to believe and fill myself with these gifts, these building blocks of true self.  For a long time, growing up, I only experienced receiving some of these building blocks from others as rewards given to me after I performed the action the other person wanted. I feel it was a way to control me or keep me under wraps.

When I made the leap to fill myself with love, respect, appreciation and praise, I found that I could share these gifts with others, and with giving them I felt more full and more complete.  I also felt I could receive them from others without feeling hollow or incomplete.  I didn’t need to look for these building blocks outside of myself because they were inside of me and always around me.  I am not going to tell you it is easy to feel this way about myself all the time. I too slip back into seeking out the gifts from others. But sooner more often than later, I fill myself again with what I need and return to feeling better about myself.

I hope this helped you and maybe you too can take the leap and fill yourself.

My True Challenge

Crohn’s Colitis: My True Challenge

My True Challenge

I had an epiphany the other day as I was telling my story.  I was talking to my friend about my proudest moment.  Most people might think it would be when I healed myself or when I started teaching a meditation class.  But for me it is writing.

Ever since I was very young I had problems with English, spelling and grammar. I always felt I had so much to say.  I would try to write stories and they looked so good in my head but I couldn’t get them out through the tip of my pencil.  That frustrated me so much when I was young that it came to the point where I gave up.   My true challenge was not Crohn’s disease but dyslexia.

I tell my students all the time how every moment of my life was set up for me to be here, doing what I am doing with my life right now.  Was Crohn’s given to me so I would have to find meditation to unlock my mind and release my fears about writing?  Was it to gather the strength to believe that I could learn and believe in myself?

Trust me these posts don’t by any means come out looking like they do here. I have help.  But I try and that is all I have to do.  My editor is my godsend. She holds my writing hand and corrects me softly.  She has taught me very well and most of all makes it fun for me to write.  With help, practice and spell check I have built confidence to share my thoughts in writing.

So take a lesson from me; every moment of your life has meaning. It amazed me when I really thought about this and saw that my dyslexia was my challenge and my Crohn’s was my symptom.

Ask yourself: What are your proudest moments? What are the challenges, positive or negative, that have brought you to this moment in your life?


Crohn’s Colitis: Life


When you hear the word life you probably think it means something.  But does it? 

It’s what we put around that word in a sentence which gives it meaning or intention.  What does the word life mean?  What does your life mean?  What do you put around that word in a sentence?

Life is not a list. It’s not about have to get this done or better get that done.  Life is a fleeting moment in time. The thoughts we have around this word control every aspect of what we feel life is.  We see our lives through the thoughts we describe it by. 

So, if your life sucks then it sucks.  If your life is full and happy then your life is full and happy.  If your life is full of pain and sickness then you just described your life.   If your life is doing the work of the universe and sharing the energy of healing and light, then it is so.  If your life is full of wonder about this life and beyond, if your life is (fill in the blank) then this is your life.

Really, how do you describe your life?