Up Coming Classes

Fall Meditation Series

Fall is here again.  Hi, I am Bob Stickles. Come and join me at the Taproot Bookstore every Thursday night at 7:00pm starting Sept 29 until Nov 17  for a relaxing, mid-week, learn-as-you-go meditation class.  Everyone is welcome and no meditation experience is required.  We sit in chairs to meditate and after class we might just go for an ice cream.  I hope to see you there. For more information you can email me at universalsourcehealing@gmail.com  or find directions and information about the Taproot Bookstore at www.taprootbookstore.com.

Donation $5  

Chanting Class:

Come and enjoy the unique sound and feeling of chanting OM and use your voice to bring about peace and relaxation in your life.

Chanting improves the way you breathe. As we grow older we adopt unhealthy patterns of breathing like Reverse Breathing, Chest Breathing and patterns of holding breath because of stress. Using the technique of chanting brings you back into a pattern of natural, healthy breathing much like a newborn breathes.

This class is about using the sacred universal chant of OM to help improve your life and enjoy the gradual effect on how you breathe. Share your voice with long-time and brand new students. Your voice is important, and needs to be heard. Please come and share it with the universe. The class is casual and is open to all-no experience necessary

Time: Class starts at 9:15 A.M. sharp please get there early or risk to be locked out.
Cost $5.00
Place: Taproot Bookstore  www.taprootbookstore.com or call the Taproot store at 508 853 5083

 Blue Jean Meditation

Welcome to Blue Jean Meditation. Hi my name is Bob Stickles; I have been meditating for 20 years and teaching it for 10 years. My training in meditation came to me while I was looking to cure myself of Crohn’s Colitis. My life was being devastated by the illness and medicines and treatments were not working. I wanted to reclaim my life and I did, through meditation. I found the cure for myself and now I am symptom free from Crohn’s Colitis. I eat what I want; I take no medicines of any kind and live a healthy, full life. My early work was in training in Stress Relief, which carried into Visualization and creating the health I wanted and naturally progressed into faith and spiritual pursuits. Meditation is learning to silence the mind, to give it a break. Meditation brings discipline to your mind and in turn, to your life. Let this class help you train your mind to uncover the life you want.

I have modeled my life with the help and inspiration of meditation. I live my life in the real world with problems that we are all dealing with. Please join me and we will work together to bring this change in your life. Class is casual and open to all. No experience necessary. This class uses visualization techniques, breath work, and thought provoking comments and stories to guide you through meditation. We sit in folding chairs to meditate or you can sit on the floor. Please, take this time and do it for yourself. “See you there”. 

Time: 10:30 A. M
Cost: $5.00
Place: Taproot Bookstore  www.taprootbookstore.com or call the Taproot store at 508 853 5083

 Learn Reiki

Learn Reiki Levels 1, 2, and Master level. I am a certified Reiki Master and Shamballa Master with 20 years of experience. Let me teach you this healing technique that has been passed down the ages. Let my unique style of teaching help you achieve what you are looking for on your path. I teach in groups of two or four students. Level 1 $100; Level 2 $150. For more information or to schedule training, send me an email

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