Answer to a Question

Crohn’s Colitis: Answer to a Question

Comment: I Like Chris’s statement that we all have “something” we would like to overcome. (Nov 10 comment) I have been meditating for many years now and enjoy the peace it brings while I’m in that ‘space’. Then real life steps back in. I still feel powerless to change many areas of my life that cause overeating, self medicating, stress, etc. Living arrangements, finances in this economy are realistic, “in your face” concerns. So I do have fears about my future and don’t like the feeling of just passing time.

My answer:

What needs to be changed are not the issues but your thought of the issues.  When we focus just on what is wrong we forget what is right in our lives.  This voice in our head that tells us how much we are a failure is called ego.  This voice is of doubt. This voice creates lack in our lives that we (our personalities) react to with things like over eating, self medicating and so on.  If you look outside of yourself for the answer to your life you’re moving away from the answer.

Meditation is about moving yourself back into to your own universe, your own existence, your own life.  You wrote in your post “ I have been meditating for many years now and enjoy the peace it brings while I’m in that ‘space’. Then real life steps back in”.  Your real life is the one that is created deep inside of yourself, the one you see through using meditation as a tool to take back your life not just while you are in a “meditation space” but even when you are facing your day. Meditation brings out the true voice of spirit, soul, and/or universe, the voice with the true power of creation, the voice that gives you strength to have power over the chatter of ego.

We create stories of lack in our lives everyday using the ego. We support these stories and fulfill them by using food, pills, sex, and anything that is outside of our bodies and minds.  I have a question for people who meditate or even people who don’t: When you get to a quiet, safe place in your body and mind, do you have stories?  Do you have lack? 

If you use meditation only as a place to go to be safe then you are not using meditation to its fullest potential.  If you meditate to bring a better understanding and control of your stories, thoughts and life, then you are seeing how meditation is a tool and its effects are the real world. If you are using meditation to observe the thoughts and life that the ego generates all day instead of reacting to each thought as it is created, as a great master would, then you are using meditation to its potential.  When you stop reacting, you start creating thoughts that are in line with your real self and you can bring them into play with choices that will fulfill the grand destiny that awaits each and every one of us if we choose it.