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Crohn’s Colitis: Reiki Question

Reiki Questions

I was asked two interesting questions today, at my meditation class, about Reiki and the energy of it. 

The first question was:  “is it all the same energy or do Reiki and other techniques have their own energy?”

I know this answer may be met with applause and distain. I have been doing energy work for about twenty years and have been a Reiki master for seven of them.  In these twenty years of energy work I have trained in many modalities.  What I have found is the energy itself is universal but the techniques and how you apply the energy is different. Each modality has its unique focus and intention. If you study the culture from which the modality originated, you will see why.  Each person who developed a technique had a reason why they did what they did, had success with it, and they taught it in that fashion. 

Like everything that is established and passed down through generations, the technique is changed and altered.  It grows, gets reinterpreted and it becomes refined. When I teach Reiki or discuss energy, I tell my students they have to take it in and make it their own.  I have done that myself and I call my modality Body Energy Balancing. Still every treatment is one more chance to refine and make it better.

The second question came from a person who heard that Reiki is all about lineage, where it came from to get passed on to you. They wondered about my thoughts on that and if it matters who passes on a modality. My thoughts about lineage are these: I look at the teachers that taught me and I am happy with what they gave me, they opened my mind to the world of healing.  They were each the right teacher at the right time. Do I know who taught them? No!  Do I care? No! Were they good teachers? Yes!

I have taught many students and am rarely asked about my lineage. If you’re reading this and you’re looking to learn Reiki or something like it,  ask the universe and the teacher will appear.  Now that is lineage.