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Crohn’s Colitis: More on Success

More on Success

As I have moved forward in life and defined success for myself,  I look down the long path that I have traveled and see that what held me on it so long has been the hope of being where I am now.  As I mentioned last post, early on I felt unworthy of success.  However, I turned that feeling into motivation. I remember beating off my feelings of unworthiness with a stick. I used my fears to motivate me to move past the thoughts that bound me to a life others told me was the best I could hope for.

Well my life has become a miracle. It is more of a dream than I can handle sometimes.  I see how everything has come together. The universe has brought together everyone and everything I need so I can make choices about which direction I want to travel.  I have surpassed any expectation that I had for my life.

Sometimes I still feel afraid but, this is where meditation comes in.  I have learned to watch my thoughts so I know it is my ego that’s afraid.  I also know and have faith that the universe is going to show me the way it needs me to travel.  It is going to give me all the right tools and my path will fall into place.   For the last twenty years I have proven my worthiness by using the ego’s fear energy against itself.  I used any fear that my ego generated and pushed through those invisible barriers of my mind. It was just those thoughts that were holding me back from being worthy.

The truth about ego is it would find it a lot easier to fail.  It is a lot easier to be unworthy, to fail and not try.  There is no responsibility if you do not try. With each step toward greater success I could just say “I don’t have time, I’m too busy.”  I feel I have lived a lot of lives just in this one lifetime.  I have played a costume of characters and am always reminded that being my true self is the one that takes the most trust because the script comes to me one moment at a time.