Embracing the Light

Crohn’s Colitis: Embracing the Light

Embracing the Light

The last few weeks have been tough.  Without getting too detailed about my troubles I will share with you the struggle I am having trying to stay upbeat and true to my beliefs. So, I am taking my own advice. I tell you to observe your thoughts and choose the ones that are light.  I tell you to keep up your practice and meditate.

I have been doing all of that.  I have been observing my thoughts and I have been seeing the thoughts that are not helping and I have changed them.  They do return and I change them again.  I have been meditating and practicing. In these tough times it has been a challenge but a challenge I do accept and continue to meditate every night.

I always tell you when your meditation is done and you created your silence, that it is the time to listen for the inner voice or be with your soul or embrace the light in your heart.  With everything that has been going on in my family over the past weeks it feels like there is a weight holding me down and no matter how hard I try to grasp the light, it is just out of reach.

I tell you that the light is inside of you.  I guess that is the one thing I have forgotten.  I don’t need to reach up and grab anything, it is right inside my heart.  I tell you to create your own life using your thoughts and create the life you are living.  I have forgotten that one too.  

Sometimes it feels like the flame of the heart goes out or it is hard to see.  The world that I created or is created for me is sometimes unpredictable and cruel.  But I feel that it is my choosing.  It is my choice to call it unpredictable, cruel, wonderful, or blissful. 

Another thing I will share with you is when I do open my eyes to see, I see my life is full of light.  I do know to look for the light even when my eyes are closed because it is always shining, I just need to remember to open my eyes.  The light never left me, I just shut my eyes to it.   

It’s your choice, just like it’s mine. These weeks have reminded me, it’s easier said than done but to keep at it. Embrace the light, fire up your heart.