Pure Thought

Crohn’s Colitis: Pure Thought

Pure Thought

Think about the power of thought, one simple thought.  I am going to tell you not to think of one pink elephant with big ears. Ok, you all set? Now remember, don’t think about the pink elephant.  Ok how many of you thought of a pink elephant?

Thought can be so powerful that you can change the paradigm of life with your mind.  You can take a beautiful body and mind and crash it with thought. You can tell a beautiful human that they are worthless and tell them no one will ever love them. You can fill them with hate by just repeating one thought over and over again.

You can create illness by repeating in your mind over and over again, the thought: “I am going to get ________” (fill in the blank). Do you see what I am trying to have you understand about thought yet?  You create it, you control it. It is who you are: thought.

Now, think of another thought, something that you are (wonderful, talented, beautiful and perfect) these words right here are what is true about you.  I don’t care about your past, your present, and for that matter, your future.  Now repeat this thought: “I am wonderful, talented, beautiful, and perfect”.  Ok wait for it, here it comes, the rush of chatter.  The thoughts that you’re not wonderful, talented, and perfect are coming knocking on your mind.  Ok let’s do it again, repeat after me in your head “I am wonderful, talented, beautiful and perfect”.  Now sit and wait, wait for the chatter. Has it shown up yet saying “hey this crap doesn’t work, why are you reading this blog anyway!?”    One more time “I am wonderful, talented, beautiful, and perfect.”  This time I want you to sit and wait for the chatter. Have a good meditation.