The Points of the Circle

Crohn’s Colitis: The Points of the Circle

The Points of the Circle

I have talked to you over the last couple of weeks about the soul, ego, higher-self, and universal true-self.  It was funny, it got me thinking about my days in martial arts.   I had a wonderful grand master for a teacher. He was a regular guy like all of us and had his own way of being alive.  He figured out that he was special and everybody was special. He would remind his students that we were special. He would talk to us about taking in knowledge from everywhere and everything. He would tell us to spit out what we didn’t need and master the things we found useful and call it our own. He encouraged us to always look and find ways to refine our fighting style.  Our fighting technique was not so much about movement, but always keeping a solid base, working off a triangle.

After writing my last post In Retrospect I was thinking about this idea in the back of my mind and I remembered painting the dojo’s symbol on the floor.  The symbol was a triangle with a circle inside which was a yin yang symbol.  When sparring, the base of the triangle faced your opponent and the tip of the triangle was behind you where you placed your back foot to create a strong base to work from.  Ultimately you would try to split your weight 60/40 between your feet.  60 percent of your weight would go on the back foot and 40 percent on your front foot, protecting the front leg and keeping the leg light. Your balance came from your stance with your ideal center line narrow so that your target surface would be small.  The front foot worked between the two points on the base of the triangle so you would always have an angle on your opponent.

This reminded me a lot of my image and idea of heaven, earth and observer. 60 percent of my attention rests on the tip of the triangle, my higher-self (observer). 40 percent of my attention works between soul and ego, heaven and earth, always keeping balance by keeping my centerline with my universal true-self.

Your true power is your center line, your universal true-self.  Working all three points of your triangle and focusing on your center you will find that you become solid.  The world starts revolving around you and your actions start becoming deliberate and thoughtful instead of reactionary.  Your moves in life become powerful.  They become well thought out and efficient, with a positive outcome.  You become a master of life instead of life mastering you.